Bowral Tulip Time Photographic Exhibition 2013

The Exhibition will be displayed in the Old Bowral Town Hall and will be open to the general public from Tuesday 1st October 2013 until Tuesday 8th October 2013.

The exhibition will be opened by Robert Billington, Photographic Judge and Speaker on Monday 30th September starting at 6:30pm in the Old Bowral Town Hall.

The Competition is open to SHPS members only and the Entry Form and the Exhibition Rules are available in pdf format.
Download the pdf files, and use Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader to view and print. Click here to download & install Adobe Acrobat on your computer if you don't already have a copy [or to get the latest version].

"Entry Form Tulip Time 2013"

"Exhibition Rules of Entry TT 2013"

Last updated: 23 July 2013